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An artist-run label centred around music produced at The Post Office

Out of an old converted post office on Wolfe Island, Ontario, Wolfe Island Records connects poetry, music and spirit.

Musician Hugh Christopher Brown and Wolfe Island Music Festival founder Sarah McDermott bought and renovated the 1880 cedar shake cabin which had often been used in summers to host festival musicians. To convert it to a year round recording studio, running water was added for the first time in the building’s history, and the horse hair insulation was considerably enhanced. It is still heated by wood stove and protected by cats.

In 2022, it is home to contemporary works, as well as catalogue and projects among artists whose relationships span genres and decades. If you are a lover of poetry, a lover of listening to albums by track, a lover of music, check out the musicians of Wolfe Island Records or if you like cats, call us to learn more.