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As a five-piece band formed in Kingston, Kiss the Fish’s music is derived from their passion for rock, blues, alternative, and the surrounding genres. Their goal? To continue to fill the sonic gaps in the evolving sound of contemporary rock. With songs that highlight smooth grooves, heavy basslines, and virtuosic guitar solos, they found success through their sonic diversity. While maintaining a firm footing in their stylistic endeavours, they excel in their modern manifestations of numerous genres; when it comes to Kiss the Fish, there is something for everyone.

Kiss The Fish, Bedouin Soundclash

In the two years since their inception, they’ve sold out many shows and have opened for acts such as Sam Roberts Band, Valley, and Busty and the Bass. The response to their latest EP, Mile High Club, was widespread and positive, showcasing their lyrical ingenuity, flares of brass, and mellow, yet jivey, rhythms.

Between their touring history and over 400,000 streams across Spotify and Apple Music, Kiss the Fish continues to prove they are a force to be reckoned with.

Made up of members Sam Skolrood (vocals), Evan Khodeir (lead guitar), Cory Scholtz (rhythm guitar), Kelby Gutz (bass), and Jacob Tessier (drums), Kiss the Fish united from cities across Canada.