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An indie rock band, formed in 2019, writing music that seems to give off its own amber-hued glow, Hinterwood transports their audience to a warm and familiar memory.

Perfect for any occasion, whether you want to get up and dance, watch the sunset, or go for a long drive.

Willy Nilly members Max Tinline and Josiah Ascough reframe their musicality in this band with a lighter, more pop-forward touch. Jonah Baetz composes colourful and creative rhythms on the kit, while Kimaya Tegtmeyer showers each track with an understated and welcoming new-age pop vocal delivery.

On October 23, 2021, Hinterwood introduced Sadie McFadden as their new lead singer during their performance at The Mansion as part of Oak-toberfest, where they opened for Oakridge Ave.

Hinterwood pushes through the pandemic