On the heels of her recent Maple Blues Award win for Female Vocalist of the Year, Kingston's Emily Fennell isn't slowing down.

Today, Fennell—an independent artist and mother to a post-secondary student—announced via email that she's begun work on her new album titled The Medicine, and is appealing to fans and the public to contribute money to help pay for its production. She'll be raising funds through Kickstarted from March 15 to April 15, 2024, and donations can be made online here: web link

"I have a mortgage and a daughter who just started college this year. I live a relatively ‘normal’ life and I work hard on my art so it can generate an income to support my family," reads a statement on Fennell's Kickstarter page. "Many of you have similar realities and please know, I am grateful for every time you’ve attended a show or bought an album."

For the new album, Fennel has apparently tapped Grammy and JUNO Award-winning Canadian musician Colin Linden as producer, and has collaborated with such notable artists as Guy Davis, The Tragically Hip’s Rob Baker and Colin Linden himself.

Fennell cited the volume of funding appeals by other Canadian artists to the Canada Council for her need to raise funds. "They are very overwhelmed with funding requests post-pandemic and have been able to support some other well-deserving projects," she wrote. "Mine just hasn’t made the cut… yet." Posted: Mar 15, 2024
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