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30+ years of Irish punk.

The Mahones are well regarded amongst Irish punk fans and recognized indeed as pioneers of the scene. Formed in 1990 on St. Patrick’s Day in Kingston, Ontario as a band for a one-off show, their reception was such that they would go onto become one of the most famous DIY punk bands in the world, and one of the hardest working bands out there.

The Mahones’ frontman Finny McConnell sheds his shamrock shackles

Their tours each year take them right across Europe and North America to every nook and cranny. With a stack of studio albums behind them as well as best of’s, live albums, compilations—and even tribute albums—their back catalogue is second to none in the scene.

Listen to our interview with founder and bandleader, Finny McConnell, on episode 29 of the Kingston Live podcast.

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