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What an exciting band! Their set was varied and went from a relaxed, tropical flow through 70s style rock fit for a Guardians of the Galaxy mixtape to a killer Drake cover to their own deep and textured original songs.
– The Kingston Herald

Most bands would hope to receive such praise after years of honing in on their craft, but The Codas accomplished this after selling out all 4 of the only 4 shows they’ve played as a band before COVID-19 put everyone into lockdown.

With that in mind, The Codas have proven themselves to be a diverse band made up of top-notch players that refuse to be boxed in by genre this early on in their careers. They’ve already released two short EPs and two singles as independent artists, and in doing so they’ve showcased their range from stripped-down acoustic songwriting to the full band stylings of slow-burn, rock and soul, and syncopated funk.