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SHOOK PLANET started off as a multi-genre solo project for Ted Evans, but as of March 2022, has become a fiery psych-rock/punk band.

With their lead single, “Let it Go,” Shook Planet have established their new signature sound. Touching on classic psychedelic rock, punk, and modern indie, it’s a large departure from the music Ted was releasing on his own. He said “the new style comes much more naturally to me as a writer and performer.”

Ted has written, recorded, and performed with a number of different bands and artists since he first established himself in 2009 as a part of the vibrant music scene in Kingston, ON.

Over that time, Ted has maintained a steady level of hard-work on his music career, and has grown into a fierce and captivating front-person with a unique sense of style. This, combined with the band’s new style and direction, will help Shook Planet stand out in any live performance or playlist.