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Shook Planet is the brainchild of Kingston, Ontario musician and producer, Ted Evans. Ted has written, recorded, and performed with a number of different artists since he first established himself in 2009 as a part of the vibrant Kingston music scene, including The Meringues.

Shook Planet, KaKaow streaming steady during COVID

Over the last 13 years, Ted has maintained a steady level of hard-work on his music, and has grown into a fierce and infectious front-man with a unique musical and fashion style. He also composes and produces all different styles of music.

Ted has successfully made a name for himself as one of the premier performers in Kingston. With his distinctive song-writing style, and in-your-face attitude, he stands out in any room and on any playlist. Ted’s lyrical content spans from sarcastic quips to love/hate relationships. He never shies away from opening up about his own struggles with mental health, and breaking down barriers between “fitting in” and being yourself.