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Though they lack in numbers, Kingston’s Paper Ladies make up for it with their wall of sound. Combining cascading psychedelic delays, dripping reverbs, droning bass synth, and lo-fi grit, Paper Ladies delivers a sonic blast that can be heard for miles.

Bio (from Spotify)

Once mortal enemies, Thomas and Joe grew to gain a healthy respect for one another, and chose to express this respect through music. With the imminent demise of their previous musical venture, The Stone Throws, the two quickly fell back into their old, hateful ways. The Paper Ladies is their latest attempt at maintaining respect for one another through the use of tasty licks and slick grooves. They hope to inspire dance and love throughout all who listen to their music, and have the dream that a fan will one day name their twin sons Thomas and Joe (not necessarily after them, it’d just be nice). The boys invite you to come hang, dance, and love.