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Alex’s first interaction with music began at four years of age on her family’s organ in Sydenham, Ontario. With her dad’s guitar renditions of Clapton and McCartney classics resonating throughout the house, she would mimic the melodies on the keys, singing the names of the notes as she played along. Alex has been playing the piano and singing ever since, both through her classical training, and as a singer/songwriter.

Music has been integral in shaping Alex’s career. In 2013, she received a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Drama and Music from Queen’s University, and in 2014, she completed her teaching degree in the Queen’s Concurrent Education program. In a pursuit to blend her passions for music, theatre and education, Alex performed with the children’s theatre troupe, The Barefoot Players, providing educational arts workshops in local schools, parks, and community centres. She also had the unique opportunity to teach middle school arts education programs in the rural community of Deep Creek, Eleuthera, Bahamas in 2014. It was there that she experienced the power of music as a universal language, as she and herstudents connected through the collaboration of culture, song, and dance. More recently, Alex taught early childhood music education classes with Kingston Frontenac Music Together. This program allowed her to support young childrenand families through collaborative song and movement activities.

Throughout her career, Alex has always turned to songwriting to tell her story. “When I have something to say, music is my megaphone. I love the challenge of taking an idea and sculpting it into a succinct hook or phrase. Putting each element together – the chord progression, melody, instrumentation, lyrics – the writing process is like my therapy. Everything seems to make more sense after I’ve written it into a song.” Alex has recorded some of her original work at Wolfe Island Records with musician and producer Chris Brown (Bourbon Tabernacle Choir), and continues to share her music with others through professional recording and live performance.

While Alex has spent the past ten years pursuing a career in education, she has always kept music at the forefront of that process. Now, as an established teacher, Alex is ready to take on the next phase of music-making in her life.