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Kingston’s music strategy materializes

Kingston’s music strategy materializes

As part of its Creative Industries StrategyCity of Kingston is currently developing a music strategy that will identify opportunities to unlock the cultural and economic potential of music in Kingston, and map out a prosperous future for Kingston’s music economy. Kingston Live co-founder and host, Rob Howard, talks with Kristian Roberts, Co-CEO and Managing Partner of Nordicity, the Toronto firm who’s collaborating with Kingston artists and stakeholders to inform Kingston’s new music strategy.

About Kristian Roberts

Exacting, enthusiastic and always driven, Kristian solves problems in a practical yet systematic way, balancing clients’ ideal outcomes with the “Art of the Possible.” He prefers building friendships with clients, and then working with those friends as often as possible.

Kristian has significant expertise in economic policy, research, and writing, with a particular interest in digital media, emerging technologies and their impact on economies around the world. He has a deep understanding of the film and television production industry and the regulation and public policy that underpins it.

Kristian has led projects for clients such as the Ontario Creates and New Media Manitoba, leading extensive primary data collection exercises to provide strategic advice for sustained industry growth.

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