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Kingston artists pool recordings to save Roswell Rehearsals

Kingston artists pool recordings to save Roswell Rehearsals

Local bands and artists have intensified their efforts to prevent Roswell Rehearsals, a treasured (and rare) practice and virtual performance space in Kingston’s west end, from closing its doors. After announcing their planned closure in February due to the impact of repeated lockdowns and restrictions preventing live music, owners Trevor and Anita Johnson (a.k.a. Buck and Bobbie Roswell) were inundated with offers of support and an eagerness to see the space—the only one of its kind in the area—survive. 

The Roswell Effect

Following a suggestion by Ben Cranston of Kingston’s The Mature Themes, 25 bands and artists who have practiced or virtually performed at Roswell Rehearsals’ facility offered up their recorded music for a compilation released May 6, 2022 titled The Roswell Effect. The album, along with a line of exclusive merch, is available for purchase online from Bandcamp here.

All proceeds from the sale of The Roswell Effect compilation will be directly contributed to the “Let’s Keep Roswell Rehearsals Alive” fundraising campaign initiated by members of the Kingston music community. Donations can also be made online directly through GoFundMe here.

The Kingston area bands and artists that donated their recorded music to The Roswell Effect include:

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