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KPP Concerts announces inaugural Spring Reverb festival

KPP Concerts announces inaugural Spring Reverb festival

Today, KPP Concerts, a renowned Kingston concert and live music promoter, announced a brand new, annual initiative that “…promotes, develops and showcases the Kingston music scene,” called Spring Reverb. The exhibition will see a series of concerts, panels and special guest talks take place from June 1 through 4 in Kingston.

Intended to coincide with the National Campus & Community Radio Association’s 40th annual conference, also taking place in Kingston this June (in honour of CFRC’s 100th anniversary), the four-day exhibition aims to uncover emerging artists, bridge deals between local artists and visiting industry members, provide opportunities for learning, and of course, celebrate live music.

With the announcement, KPP Concerts made a call for submissions to Kingston-based bands and artists who can apply to play a series of live music performances in the city as part of Spring Reverb. An official announcement also stated that “Although 99% of the lineup will be local, PUP will be our special out-of-town guest headliner on June 1,” with opening slots dedicated to local artists. Local bands and artists are encouraged to apply now here by April 19, 2022.

“All performers will be paid, promoted widely, and get in front of lots of visiting media and industry,” the statement explained.

Increasing exposure of local talent to an out-of-town audience appears to be the impetus behind the Spring Reverb initiative. “During the pandemic, we heard from lots of Kingston musicians and an expressed need repeatedly surfaced – the need for more exposure to national music industry professionals and decision-makers – label owners, management companies, booking agents, for example,” the statement said. “The majority of these people live in the major markets and are not regularly exposed to the emerging Kingston talent.”

Further details and the lineup of concerts and venues will be announced May 2, 2022.


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