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New Finny McConnell solo LP “The Dark Streets of Love”

New Finny McConnell solo LP “The Dark Streets of Love”

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After 30 glorious years of leading renowned Celtic punk rockers, The Mahones — who have released over 20 albums and shared stages with the Dropkick Murphys, Shane MacGowan, Stiff Little Fingers, Billy Bragg, The Buzzcocks, Sinead O’Connor, and The Damned to name a few — founder and band leader Finny McConnell decided that it was time to make an album for himself.

Cover artwork for "The Dark Streets of Love" music album by Finny McConnell

Showcasing his intimate songwriting skills, Finny also includes covers of songs with deep meaning to him by renowned songwriters Bruce Springsteen, Tragically Hip, Lou Reed, and Shane McGowan. This is his love letter to everyone important in his world and it should not be missed. The Dark Streets of Love is a collection of his most intimate music, stripped bare with personal lyrics that represent not only his truth, but a truth that we can all relate to.

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