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New Willy Nilly single, “Talk”

New Willy Nilly single, “Talk”

As Kingstonians start to settle into a summer that promises to break the oppressive monotony many had been feeling under pandemic lockdowns, Kingston’s Willy Nilly have released a new single, “Talk,” about “…doing the same shit over and over and expecting different results,” in the words of songwriter, Owen Fullerton.

Despite the subject matter, the song is far from depressing.

Fullerton originally penned “Talk” in 2018 as one of the first songs Willy Nilly would play together as a band, and had planned to include it on their first album, a project begun in 2020. Three bassists and a pandemic later, the band welcomed Josiah Ascough (bass) and was finally able to get together to record it. “We’ve been playing it together for so long, it was fun to bring some new ideas into it when we got into the studio,” explained Fullerton.

We’ve been playing it together for so long, it was fun to bring some new ideas into it when we got into the studio.

As to why “Talk” didn’t make it on the band’s February 2021 EP, Confused and Rejuvenated, Fullerton said, “I had written a bunch of songs that felt more relevant to the times we were  in, so we decided to package some of those together on our last EP and give the songs that our supporters already know a little more time to breathe.”

Fans of Mac DeMarco or Real Estate may hear some familiar influences on “Talk.” It’s a thoughtful and very listenable song, with a catchy groove and nuanced vibe to it. “I think people can expect thought provoking lyrics,” described Fullerton. “I mean, I sure thought about them. Max (Tinline) has a kickass solo towards the end of the song with some cool percussion work from Devin (Pierce).”

“Talk” is available on most streaming platforms as of July 9, 2020, and you can give it a listen on Spotify here.

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