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Spencer Evans releases debut album

Spencer Evans releases debut album

It’s hard to believe that Kingston musician extraordinaire and multi-instrumentalist, Spencer Evans, has never released recorded music. That finally changed today, with the release of Spencer’s brand new debut album. Well, it’s new’ish.

Spencer recorded his album at The Tragically Hip’s Bathouse Studio sometime around 2013 and it’s been delicately aging like a fine wine for 8 years, uncorked until now.

The album was recorded in a live-off-the-floor-style with minimal overdubs, and was supported by a revolving door of some of Kingston’s finest musicians. The album was mixed on old school analog gear, with minimal fussing over details, lending a natural, organic feel and sound to the album. With little studio magic, the music speaks clear and true to Spencer’s (and his friends’) immense musical talents, both technically and creatively.

With little studio magic, the music speaks clear and true to Spencer’s immense musical talents.

Comprising mostly original songs (11 of 17 tracks), this debut album has some well-known cover songs. The music genre is loosely labelled as jazz, but there’s some funk and blues twisted in there too. His self-titled album can be found on all major online/digital services (Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify etc.) by searching ‘SPENCER EVANS’. A run of CDs will be manufactured in the near future and will hopefully be sitting at a merch table at a live Spencer Evans concert near you very soon!

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