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Kingston musician’s new single a tribute to farmers

Kingston musician’s new single a tribute to farmers

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A Kingston-based musician is out with a brand new single. “Date Night” by country musician Clem Chesterfield tells the story of making the most of the time we have. A man and woman in love, working through the night on the farm.

“It came from a place of real respect for farmers,” Chesterfield said. “We really owe them all of our gratitude for being able to eat every day.”

He adds that for many farming families, working after dinner is done is a normal practice, and that it’s not such a stretch to imagine the scene being depicted in the song to take place in real life.

“After the kids are to bed, and they’ve had their dinner time, they have to go back out and ride the tractors and the combines to get the job done,” he said. “It’s the way of being a modern farmer.”

Chesterfield (the alter ego of Kingston’s own Tim Sheffield) describes the debut single as “a bit of a rocker” with an alt-country twang.

“It’s rich with weeping steel guitar,” he added.

Wolfe Island singer, Sarah McDermott, lends her voice for background vocals.

The original plan was to release the entire new album, ‘Of Lures and Love’ on Saturday, May 22, 2021, along with a series of performances at the Wolfe Island Farmer’s Market and General Wolfe Inn, however the uncertainty due to the current stay-at-home order has delayed its release until June 5, however, the single for ‘Date Night’ is available on the online platform Band Camp.

The album was produced by Hugh Christopher Brown of Wolfe Island Records.

Listen to Date Night by Clem Chesterfield



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